2020 was a crazy year with volatility, uncertainty, fear and a global Pandemic messing with our goals and dreams.

I realized that with a pandemic there are opportunities to create and perhaps make your mark on the world. With the world stuck inside, ideas are born, and these ideas have a chance to flourish.

In the first month of quarantine our household was already tired of Netflix. Tiger King & Love is Blind were great but there was a void that TV couldn't fill. Instead of turning on the next mediocre Netflix series, we played games.

We were very fortunate to have a solid library of games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic(lol), Monopoly Deal, Code Names, Spice Route, Machi Koro, Exploding Kittens... the list goes on.

We could occupy time without looking at a screen and also have a tonne of fun. It was great! There was interaction and heartbreak and victorious joy. But we wanted more.

After playing a game for the hundredth time, you start to dissect the game, you have probably explored a variety of strategies and you're able to notice things that you normally wouldn't during the first playthroughs.  

It was in these moments where you also start to notice game flaws or inefficiencies that could be improved upon.  It was in one of these moments where I decided to start a game company.