Game Design IV - Prototyping

Once you have your rules down on paper you need to test out your game!  

But how? Well, you need to develop a prototype.  Prototyping can be difficult and expensive depending on how creative you are and how complex your game is.  Some games will incorporate meeples, custom miniatures, complex game boards while others will just be a custom deck of cards, dice or tiles.

When designing a game, you should consider all physical elements that are part of the game and what each of these will cost you to produce.  If you have dozens of custom miniatures it will be very expensive to prototype which is why Big Breakfast is primarily composed of cards.

How do I make my first prototype?  Well I can only speak from my experience, which consisted of me drawing 120 cards by hand.  I draw at a 3rd grade level and my hands were basically broken by the time I finished.  BUT by the end of it, I had my first working prototype of my first game.

The Game Crafter is an excellent and relatively inexpensive way to build a professional looking prototype.  You can choose from custom printed cards, boards, miniatures and more.